Chali Harding

Founder and Owner of Cocoon Wellness

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Chali created Cocoon Wellness knowing that we all have within us a fragility.  Our fragile self can manifest as anxiety, depression, self doubt, low self-worth, confusion, recurring illness, loneliness, stress, fear, grief or exhaustion.  With this fragility comes the need for us to be nurtured, nourished and supported in our body and mind, emotionally and spiritually.  We are not always very good at putting ourselves first, asking for help and calling

time-out for some self nourishment, however much we know that we need to give ourselves that time and attention.  


Chali’s therapy modalities, retreats, events and yoga classes are created to do just that.  


With a wealth of experience and credentials in natural health & therapies, gut healing, yoga teaching and spiritual learning there is something for whatever phase you are at in your journey.  Spiritual Counselling, Emotional Healing and Yoga, for conscious living, holistic health and cultivating community through connection and understanding.


It is really ok if you do not know where to begin.   Chali is very adept at listening to where you are at in your life right now and advising the ideal entry point for this stage of your healing journey.