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Lifestyle & Health Coaching & Online Programs

The need for us to put our own wellbeing first and foremost has never been greater than now.  Chali is an experienced, insightful natural health practitioner.  Working one-to-one with clients since 2004 to support them on their journey to better health, more energy, more clarity around food, and more insight into the connections between body, mind, emotions, food and stress. 

Chali is here to support you on your journey to vitality.

Online Programs

Chali has curated the 'On Purpose to Inner Joy' and 'Vibrance Masterclass' online programs to address your need for a structured and holistic wellness support remotely, at your own pace, with the compassion, guidance and care that is her trademark.

Running over a 6-week period, both programs aim to attend to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing needs. Your membership allows you access to your weekly program activities for you to action at your own rhythm.  In addition you also receive 2x 1:1 sessions during this period of time to support and deepen your journey within.


On Purpose to Inner Joy is the entry-level program and a pre-requisite to the Vibrance Masterclass.

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