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10 Signs That You Need Emotional Support

  1. You have lost inspiration

  2. You are sensitive to everything

  3. You frequently wish things were different

  4. You feel a huge amount of pressure on a daily basis

  5. You are avoiding talking about what is on your mind with friends and family

  6. You find it increasingly hard to be productive

  7. You wake up feeling anxious or depressed about the day ahead

  8. You are feeling almost constantly tired and pessimistic

  9. You regularly have the feeling that you just cannot deal with a certain situation, so you avoid it

  10. Life feels hard every day and you feel alone in your journey

Uncomfortable feelings tend to get shoved under the banner of stress. And whilst, stress is very real and tangible, there are also more specific ways of naming and understanding how you are feeling which can be really helpful in unravelling and alleviating the tangled befuddling mess that intense emotions create.

The thought of exploring uncomfortable emotions can feel overwhelming, like opening a big cavernous can of worms that we don't feel we can deal with. However, to explore how we are feeling with someone who provides a space where we feel heard and safe, can actually result in a sense of clarity and lightness. Brené Brown says this "after 20 years of research and 400 thousand pieces of data: If you don't name what you are feeling, if you don't own the feelings, they will eat you alive".

It actually takes a significantly larger amount of energy to suppress, and effectively hold on to, negative emotions than it does to face them.

The anticipation of exploring confronting emotions is often far more stressful than actually doing it. Not unlike immersing your body in cool clear sea water on a warm day.… the longer you faff about edging yourself in the harder it is and the bigger deal it becomes, but after you actually give in and dip your whole body into the crisp freshness of the water, the feeling of exhilaration and lightness makes your whole being feel alive and buzzing, and you are so glad you were brave enough to take the plunge. It actually takes a significantly larger amount of energy to suppress, and effectively hold on to, negative emotions than it does to face them. There can be a very tangible fear that by talking about, or giving awareness to our emotions will give them more power that we could potentially be overwhelmed by. However, the reality is that acknowledging and naming the strong emotion/s you are feeling gives YOU your power back to move through and out the other side. Remember that nothing is permanent, everything is temporary, especially our emotions.

My energy healing modality is Hahnemann Healing, and I came to train as a healer as, in so many years of trying various forms and lineages of energy work, I have not experienced a healing as potent and specific as this. Personally, I have found it transformational.

A healing is great for those who are not ready to talk about what is going on as it is nourishing and gentle, and can alleviate much of that acute painful emotion that make one feel too afraid to move forward.

As the healing works with the energy of the individual, and gradually moves deeper into the layers of the pain body, it is so great for children as they have less layers to work through. Children going through social anxiety, parents who are separating, experiencing loss or rejection in any way can really be supported and nurtured through difficult times.

As parents we all have the desire to set our children free from the hurts they experience and healing them is the best way to prevent them from carrying them through into adulthood.

For more information about how a healing can help you, or a loved one, do not hesitate to reach out.

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

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