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Connection in Isolation

I write this in a time of unfamiliar circumstances for us all. The fear of COVID-19 pandemic is tidal waving through our world far faster than the virus itself. The mixed messages circulating from health experts and world governments is being spun out by the media and creating much anxiety. It is intensely palpable.

The global masses freaking out that the supply of our daily necessities will run dry is making us buy far more stuff than we actually need. What is more upsetting than the crazy hoarding of toilet paper is people's fear towards each other. Eyeing each other warily in case they are carrying the virus around with them.

The fear creates a "me and mine" mentality, rather that "we and us". Through the confusion we risk losing, even more than we have done already through our technological lifestyle, a sense of connection to each other. That, in itself, would be so destructive.

Connection is our birthright, it is a basic human need.

Whether we realise it or not, a lack of connection is detrimental to our health, mentally, emotionally and physically. We are energetic beings. Fact. This can however be tricky to really understand, as most of us do not see our energy. But you can feel it, anytime you want to tune in.

Think of how it feels to be aggressed by someone on the road. That powerful feeling as they literally throw their road rage at you for not driving in a way that suited their needs. It can leave you feeling shaken, angry and upset. That is sharing of energy in a negative way. Now imagine your first memories of someone who took care of you as a child. Someone with whom you felt safe and loved. The feeling of them is their energy.

The 'sharing of energy' is for your spirit as necessary as nourishment and hydration is for your physical body.

Just before the reality of self isolation had sunk in, I organised a 'Passata Party' with 3 other mothers from our kids' school. My collection of empty glass jars had grown out of control, to the point where I was driven to fill them back up with home-made sauce rather than buy any more. We purchased locally produced organic tomatoes, and turned them into 22 litres of passata. Something that was borne from my growing portfolio of zero-waste practices turned into something hugely soul-nourishing and connecting. It was not just the act of doing something creative in preserving tomatoes to share with our families, and with those in need in our community. It was the energy of us being together in my kitchen, chatting away whilst we listened to music, establishing a system of production and an end-product of something delicious. Together we created and shared an experience.

Today I have been video-calling a dear friend in Boston, and after a long hiatus due to the busy-ness of life, we plunged ourselves into the nectar of our friendship and strengthened our bond.

Humans can make magic when we open ourselves up to learning, sharing, listening and being ourselves in acceptance and love.

Throughout these next days, weeks, months and beyond, we must remember that we are all in this together. We still need each other. Yes the isolation is necessary, however, we can, and need, to share our beautiful energy with each other.

For as long as I am able, I will continue to run my home yoga classes on the lawn outside our apartment for my students, and with any neighbours who may want to join us. I will sanitise the mats and props, we will practice at the recommended distance and we will have our safe space to connect with ourselves, each other, and the outside air.

Keep checking in with loved ones, near and far, with neighbours and those in need. Find unique ways to connect. Keep spreading the love.

Sending love



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