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Full Moon Rituals

Life is busy and it is so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness without reflecting on what is going on for you on the inside. All my offerings through Cocoon Wellness are tools to do just that..go within, bring awareness to how your inner landscape is fairing and answer the call to bring love, energy, compassion and healing to the most precious person in your life, you.

A full moon is a perfect time to punctuate the constant assembly line of your life with moments to address your personal needs. The energy of the full moon is significant to put it mildly.

I love this explanation of why full moons are a spiritually intense experience by Roya Backlund:

A full moon “creates change, closes chapters, and produces climactic moments in your life. It’s often when the truth rises to the surface; the secret that you’ve been ignoring, avoiding, or unaware of all this time. A full moon is when the sun, ruler of your external self - and the moon - ruler of your internal self - forms an exact opposition, putting these two facets of your personality at odds. The sun is forced to shine some of its light upon the truth that the moon has been holding onto, revealing something about yourself and your world that might just change everything.”

Here are my simple full moon rituals:

  • Journalling - I have a journal beside my bed in which I write messages from my spiritual guides during my meditations, intense feelings about experiences or people I encounter, moments I feel so grateful for and intentions for my growth and self care.

  • I have crystals that I place outside to bask in the energy and light of the moon to cleanse them of any negative energy they have picked up during the month and to replenish their own natural healing energy.

  • I go to bed early after meditating and journalling.

Every month, with the full moon, it is a significant time to grow, to renew yourself, to shed the heaviness that no longer serves you and to invite lightness moving forward to bring the kind of inner joy that no one can take away from you.


Chali x

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