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Welcome to my first blog post!

This blog is born from a hope to inspire and to share.  A way of bringing together the many branches of how I work, with myself and others, onto one platform so that you can dip in and out and, hopefully, find something useful and interesting to add to your own plummage of lifestyle productive plans and clever tricks.

What gives me the notion that I could possibly have something to share with you? 

To be completely honest with you, and at the risk of sounding a bit pathetic and self deprecating, it has taken me a long while to find my voice and feel I have something interesting, and of value, to add to the conversation. However, at the ripe age of 42, I have reached a point in my life where I give less of a care for what people think of me coupled with an insuppressible desire for wanting to help people make positive changes in their lives.  There is stuff I want to shout out about.

I have hesitated to share some very personal experiences and my inner thoughts but I keep on coming full-circle to the fact that I work hard to bring myself back to my centre, to my truth, to who I am at the core and if I am going to be of any help to anyone, including myself and my family, then I need to get good and comfortable with me and then I need to get good and comfortable with speaking my truth.  I need to walk the talk, or talk the walk…you know what I mean.

I am so very passionate about healthy living. Have I always lead a healthy lifestyle you ask?  No no no.  In fact for a long time I led a terribly self-destructive existence.  In my mid-teens to early 20s, for over 7 years, I hid away the shame of, what felt to me, an ugly, dark, horrendous secret eating disorder.   I suffered depression, anxiety and excruciatingly low self-esteem.  I became an expert at camouflaging the darkness and numbing the pain within me.  I thought I was so alone in how I felt back then, but since I have realised all the stuff I went through is so so common.

In my late 20s I started to find the strength and courage to begin turning all the darkness around and slowly began to realise that I could choose my life.  I had a very magical, very healing epiphany that I wanted to learn all I could about what I had been going through, and more, in order to be able help other people on their own journeys to wellness.

I began studying naturopathy in Melbourne back in 2002.  I have been working as a holistic wellness therapist and gut health specialist since 2004.  Learning about the human body and delving into it’s connection with our mind and emotions was a pivotal point in my healing and my thirst to know more has never abated.  I am an eternal student.

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