Healings & Therapies

Hahnemann Healing

Hahnemann Healing is a very powerful form of spiritual healing, brought forward from Ancient Egypt, that deals with emotions that may be causing the person to feel stuck in their life, and very importantly, deals with the emotions behind illness; that is, the negative feelings we have had towards events that have happened in our lives that have preceded illnesses.  

It is a light touch therapy that works deeply within the nervous system and is gentle, uplifting and nurturing.


Foot reflexology is a modality that has been passed down from Ancient Egypt.  A holistic treatment that feels like a deep relaxing massage to the feet and stimulates the systems and organs of the body into balance.

Life & Health Coaching

At times in our lives, we need support for our own general health and wellbeing.  With over 12 years of clinical natural health care experience, Chali is able to guide you forwards in your journey to making your wellness a priority.

Chali offers a free Discovery Session so that you have an opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for how Chali works.