Healings & Therapies

Hahnemann Healing

Hahnemann Healing is an advanced and specialised form of spiritual healing, brought forward from Ancient Egypt, that deals with emotions stored within the body, which may be causing the person to feel stuck in their life, and very importantly, deals with the emotions behind illness; that is, the negative feelings we have had towards events that have happened in our lives that have preceded illnesses.  

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It is a light touch therapy that works deeply within the nervous system and is gentle, uplifting and nurturing.

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling is direct, honest and aimed at giving you the tools to make positive change in your life and relationships.  It is a process of discovering more about yourself, and gives a context to the origins of your beliefs and behaviours, and gives you an option of changing negative patterns.

Spiritual Counselling is a non-religious modality where honesty and equality are paramount.

Spiritual Counselling can assist you in times of high stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues or in the pursuit of fulfilment and purpose.

Personal Harmony Coaching


"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony" - Gandhi

To develop harmony within yourself, harmony in your relationships and in working with others, despite challenges, difficulties, stress and change, you need to close gaps in specific personal values. These gaps are created when what really matters to you, and what you actually place value on in living your life, are not aligned.


A Personal Harmony Questionnaire and Evaluation:


1. Diagnoses what really matters to you and if these values are actually what you place value on;

2. Exposes which critical values gaps create disharmony and conflict within you and how you relate to others;

3. Explains how to close these values gaps to create harmony within you and with your environment.

Values give direction and purpose to your life, they act like a compass, giving you a clear point of reference with which to make your decisions and create the future that you desire.  Values form the foundation of a person and filter up to create your everyday life.  Values of course also form the foundation of a group or an organisation, and filter up from that foundation to create the culture.