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The Offerings

 Spiritual Counselling, Hahnemann Healing, Personal Harmony Coaching and Parenting Spiritually Coaching are for those who are searching for healing and transformation in their lives.  These modalities are beautifully potent and pure, each addressing your own unique need for support. 

Cocoon Wellness - providing space for transformation


"My special needs son & I had the pleasure of Chali's healings on multiple occasions. Chali's manner & approach is very calm, easy to comprehend & non-invasive. My extra sensitive son, melted in her hands (that’s no small feat). Chali explains things in ways everyone can understand, & we experienced lasting calmness & focus. I couldn’t recommend her more highly."

M. Hodes

"Chali is a wonderful guide who is very warm and kind and makes you feel at ease.  I have learnt a lot from her and would recommend everyone."

Danielle Brookes


"I have been doing Hahnemann Healing and also the Personal Harmony Coaching with Chali.  Although it can bring up difficult emotions, I've found the healing very restorative and relaxing.  The coaching has been very beneficial for me in learning more about myself and talking through things."

D. Brookes

"Chali has helped me work through difficult emotions relating to my separation and my new life ahead.  Hahnemann Healing has been such a wonderful way to bring these emotions up and therefore out of my body."

C. Carnus

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