Yoga Classes

Small Group Classes 75 minutes.


Drop-in $25

10-week Membership $200

Class times and availability on demand

Private 1:1 classes

Prices on demand

Yoga classes in Chali’s bright and spacious lounge room in Armadale are ideal for small groups of maximum 5 people, which gives a warm and personal experience.  Chali is able to cater for individual needs and curate classes that have something for everyone, including a dynamic flow to build strength, flexibility and energy, always easing into restorative and yin postures at the end of practice to really help calm and soothe our nervous systems.  

Chali’s journey into yoga began in Thailand in 2000 when she completed a thai yoga massage course, practising yoga under the mango trees at 5am.  The spark continued to glow through the ensuing years of travelling the world, living in Melbourne, London and Paris, and then through the earth trembling experiences of early motherhood.  Chali’s love of the practice turned into a burning flame on returning to live in Melbourne, with a yearning to delve deep into committed daily self-practice, and a calling to teach this life enhancing, healing art and science of yoga.

The eight limbs of yoga is pivotal in how Chali lives her life and approaches her work with others. With 14 years experience as a natural health practitioner, Chali’s classes are structured to cultivate a holistic experience, encompassing mindfulness and meditative elements to a physical flow.

Chali aims to live by her truth, her authenticity imbues her teaching, and she is humbled by the privilege she has to guide others through their practice and healing journeys.  Her aim is to create and hold space for others to be able to connect into their own vital force and healing potential.